Ayam Masak Lada Kering

via Sab on discord. “Measurements are in Asian, aka eyeballing them” source: https://discord.com/channels/277402456361795587/1011365814798123059/1011648515547594903


  • 1kg boneless chicken thighs, cut into bonelss cubes

  • onions

  • dried chili

  • garlic

  • oyster sauce

  • soy sauce

  • {“optional”=>”carrots, mushrooms, sliced”}


  • {“prep sambal blend”=>”onions, dried chili, and garlic in ratio of 3:2:1. cook with a little bit of oil, until aromatic and Sambal is dark red.”}

  • mix oyster sauce and soy sauce in ratio of 3:1

  • wash, dry, pan roast or air fry 6 more dried chilis for about 6 minutes, until almost burnt/fragrant

  • cook chicken halfway in a wok/pot WITHOUT oil. (unless you absolutely need to unstick it)

  • add 1.5-2tbsp of sambal blend, slightly over half a cup of sauce blend. optionally add carrots.

  • cook, stirring, another 5 minutes. optionally add mushrooms.

  • mix in roasted chili peppers