Collard Greens A La Ma


  • 1 bunch collard greens

  • bacon fat

  • .5 bulb garlic, chopped

  • .5lb raw bacon

  • 1L broth

  • 3.5cups water


  • trim stem and main vein from collard greens, chop

  • melt bacon fat in a large pot on medium

  • add garlic, bacon. cook and stir until garlic starts browning and bacon falls apart, but is still raw.

  • add broth, collards, water.

  • set on high heat, bring to a boil, then turn down to a simmer.

  • Cover. Simmer 6 hours, stirring occasionally. Add liquid as necessary to keep level just over greens. After an hour you’ll only need to stir every 15-30 minutes, in the beginning you’ll need to stir more frequently.