Egg Fried Rice (Uncle Roger's)

He stresses leftover rice is important. Contrary to his own recollection, it uses more ingredients beyond Egg, Rice, and Fried ;)



  • some garlic

  • some shallot

  • some egg

  • some spring onion

  • some chilli

  • some leftover chicken rice

  • some soy sauce

  • some asian sesame oil

  • some peanut oil, or pork lard (or vegetable oil if you’re weak)

  • some white pepper (optional)

  • some MSG


  • Oil the wok with pork lard/peanut oil/vegetable oil

  • Fry garlic and shallot until fragrant

  • Add egg, fry until fluffy

  • Add rice. Stir

  • Add soy sauce, sesame oil, MSG, white pepper. Stir

  • Add spring onion, chilli

  • toss, judge jamie oliver