Vito's Pizza Dough

author: Vito Iacopelli source:


  • 300g + 700g water

  • 5g yeast

  • 5g honey

  • 300g + 1100g AP flour

  • 30g salt


  • For the poolish, mix 300g water, yeast, honey, 300g AP flour

  • looking for a barely doughy, mostly porridge consistency.

  • cover, sit for 1 hour at room temperature, then 16-24 hours in the fridge.

  • for the rest of the dough, poolish in mixer, add cold water minus 1 cup, start mixing on low until incorporated

  • add flour, mix it up

  • add all salt

  • timer, 20 minutes - that’s your upper limit.

  • dough should be fully 1 piece.

  • turn mixer up to medium

  • add the water, little by little, to the top of the dough.

  • once it’s all in, mixer to low, finish 20 minutes.

  • Oil your work surface. when extracting dough, use your hands to cut, rather than pulling and stretching. oil your hands.

  • Kamicha fold - like a tshirt, until it’s like a sphere.

  • olive oil on top. This side up, forever.

  • cover, wait 15 minutes.

  • cut into 280g balls - ideally with that paint-scraper looking thing, but remember what vito says - “cut… and in!” cut straight down, push in.

  • cover, rest 1-2 hours at room temperature. (double in size)

  • flourify, extract a ball.

  • press apart, stretch as necessary.

  • top as desired, see vito’s sauce recipe

  • 750 degrees, you’re going to manually turn it, for like 10 seconds.